Board game allusions (Zwangzug)

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Eight years after emerging into the international community, the country of Zwangzug ceased to exist. After several months of the "gray and white," it returned, albeit at a weakened internal capacity. One unexpected consequence of this resurrection was a proliferation of modern board game allusions on a city-by-city level, beyond the country's founding mythos. A list is detailed below, not necessarily complete.

City Game
102d Scrabble (see also)
Arlington Pandemic
Bassabook Bananagrams
Canbix Shadow Hunters
Cham Star Realms
the FTC Mafia/Werewolf
Guariday Sheriff of Nottingham
Hope City Communist Poker (variant of Liar's dice)
Keppal City 1313 Dead End Drive
Kerlagrad Codenames
Logrove Manila
Noh Weir Taboo
Nuel Citadels
Sharag Tichu
Spenson (Complex) Hearts
Trink Hanabi
Twineur Fuse
Weegham Pandemic Legacy
Zwischen The Resistance
the Supercentro, Shell Shock Troop Clan Ticket to Ride