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For the historical international club competition, see Champions League (pre-UICA).
IFCF Champions League
Number of teams108 (entries in IFCL 2)
Current championsKitara AA logo.png Kitara AA (BNJ) (1st title)
Most championshipsDirectus logo.png Directus (EUR) (2 titles)

The IFCF Champions League is the world championship for club football organized by the International Federation of Club Football. The champion of each participating national association, plus additional teams from the highest-ranked associations in the IFCF ranking, may enter the competition each season.

It is the successor competition to the UICA Champions’ Cup, adopting its competition rules and coefficient ranking system. The first edition of the IFCF Champions' League was held in what would have been UICA's 75th edition. Due to uncertainty over the fate of UICA and delays in organizing the 74th Champions' Cup, ad-hoc international tournaments like the Dwile Invitational took the place of the 74th UICA season.


The tournament consists of a knockout qualifying phase leading to a 32-team group stage, followed by a 16-team knockout phase. Teams eliminated prior to the group stage, and the third-placed teams from the group stage, enter the Challengers Cup. Knockout ties are played in two matches with each team at home for one match, with the result determined by the aggregate score. Ties in aggregate are broken by which team scored more goals as the away team, by extra time, and finally by penalty shootout if there is still no winner. The exception is the final, which is played as a single match at a neutral venue chosen prior to the start of the tournament.

Qualifying phase[edit]

The qualifying phase consists of preliminary rounds depending on the number of entrants (typically, three), the qualifying round, and the playoff round. Teams are granted byes according to coefficient ranking among the entered teams, hence higher-ranked teams will generally have to play fewer rounds. Teams which enter as their association's champion play in a separate "champions path" from teams that qualified through league position. Losing teams in the qualifying phase enter the subsequent round of the Challengers Cup.

Group stage and knockout phase[edit]

The 32 teams entering the group stage are draw into groups of four. The defending champions of the Champions League and Challengers Cup, the league champions of the four top-ranked associations, and the runners-up of the three top-ranked associations, qualify automatically for the group stage. They are joined by the winners of the play-off round. The group stage is a round-robin where each team plays the other teams in their group once at home and once away.

The top two teams of each group enter the knockout phase. For the Round of 16, group winners are drawn to play against runners-up, and teams representing the same association cannot play against each other. From the quarter-finals onwards, these provisions no longer apply. Third-place teams enter the Challengers Cup Round of 32.

Champions League finals[edit]

Edition Winners Score Runners-up Venue
1 1830 Cathair FC logo.png
1830 Cathair FC (AUD)
0–0 aet
4–2 pen
Northern Stallions logo.png
Northern Stallions (BRE)
Farnham Arena
Sabrefell, Nephara
2 Northern Union logo.png
Northern Union (BRE)
2–1 Soldarian FC logo.png
Soldarian FC (VAL)
Stade Outineau
Outineau, Kelssek
3 Directus logo.png
Directus (EUR)
2–1 aet 1830 Cathair FC logo.png
1830 Cathair FC (AUD)
The 66 Stadium
Cathair, Audioslavia
4 Directus logo.png
Directus (EUR)
2–1 Shamrock Cathair logo.png
Shamrock Cathair (AUD)
Stadium of the Restoration
Busukuma, Banija
5 Raynor City United logo.png
Raynor City United (VAL)
1–0 Northern Union logo.png
Northern Union (BRE)
Stade de la République
Romainbourg, Omerica
6 Kitara AA logo.png
Kitara AA (BNJ)
1–1 aet
3–2 pen
AC Izotz Zubia logo.png
AC Izotz Zubia (AUD)
Stadium of the Two Sisters
Canterlot, Equestria

Records and statistics[edit]


  IFCF only UICA included
Club Champion Runner-up Champion Runner-up
Yuba United logo.svg Yuba United (COM) 0 0 6 6
Raynor City United logo.png Raynor City United (VAL) 1 0 6 4
Albrecht FC logo.png Albrecht FC (CAM) 0 0 4 1
Directus logo.png Directus (EUR) 2 0 3 0
Sonoma Center Panthers logo.svg Sonoma Center Panthers (COM) 0 0 2 2
Unknown club logo.svg Cafundó do Juta (CAF) 0 0 2 2
Fontvielle Impact logo-current.png Fontvielle Impact (VLD) 0 0 2 2
Petardos SA logo.svg Petardos S/A (CAF) 0 0 2 1
SK Franz Josef City logo.png SK Franz Josef City (PIS) 0 0 2 1
Unknown club logo.svg Ranca Toco (CAF) 0 0 2 1
Soldarian FC logo.png Soldarian FC (VAL) 0 1 2 1
1830 Cathair FC logo.png 1830 Cathair FC (AUD) 1 1 2 1
1896 Ebor logo.png 1896 Ebor (MYT) 0 0 2 0
Marinos Metropolis logo.png Marinos Metropolis (VLD) 0 0 2 0


  IFCF only UICA included
Association Champion Runner-up Champion Runner-up
Flag of Capitalizt SLANI.svg Capitalizt SLANI (COM) 0 0 8 10
Flag of Valanora.jpg Valanora (VAL) 1 1 7 7
Flag of Cafundéu.png Cafundéu (CAF) 0 0 6 7
Flag of Jasĭyun.svg Jasĭyun (JSY) 0 0 5 3
Flag of Candelaria And Marquez.png Candelaria And Marquez (CAM) 0 0 5 3
Eura flag.png Eura (EUR) 2 0 7 2
Flag of Septentrionia.png Septentrionia (SPT) 0 0 4 4
Flag of Valladares.png Valladares (VLD) 0 0 4 3
Polar Islandstates.jpg Polar Islandstates (PIS) 0 0 4 1
Flag of Audioslavia.png Audioslavia (AUD) 1 1 3 1
Flag of Nephara new.png Nephara (NPH) 0 0 2 2
Flag of Astograth.jpg Astograth (ASG) 0 0 2 1
Flag of Mytannion.png Mytannion (MYT) 0 0 2 0