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Galaxy SC or Hawthorne Galaxy SC
Galaxy Sportingclub.png
Nickname(s)'The Stars'
GroundCity of Hawthorne Stadium
Ground Capacity74,000
ManagerXanneria Johnathan Kyle
LeagueFLOX Omega Division



Galaxy SC plays in the Hawthorne Derby with the Hawthorne Kickers and in the Movieland Derby with Hawthorne United


Galaxy SC is based off of RL club L.A. Galaxy
The club was supposed to have the colors of L.A. Galaxy but the user behind the Galaxy SC team made them look more like Vilita.
Galaxy SC's sponsor "Brian's Supermarkets" is a reference to NASCAR driver Brian Scott who was an heir to the supermarket chain "Albertsons"
Former head coach Myrone Rhule is based off of Australian Musician Donny Benet, while current Manager Johnathan Kyle is based on Musician John Foxx