The Idiot Project Episode 2

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The Idiot Project E2
Title The Chronicles of Ridiculousness
Writer Jeremy Jaffacake
Narrators Jeremy Jaffacake, Defecating Daffodil, Odger Lee
Series Series 1
Previous The Idiot Project Episode 1
Next The Idiot Project Episode 3

The Chronicles of Ridiculousness is the second instalment of Jeremy Jaffacake's YouTube series The Idiot Project. The episode was created between November and December 2019 and released during World Cup 84.

At five chapters and a run-time of just over an hour and nineteen minutes, The Chronicles of Ridiculousness is the shortest episode of The Idiot Project to date. It's also the lowest rated episode, with only one chapter scoring above a 4 out of 5 rating.

Episode 2
Title Card Chapter Length Narrator Title Link/Script Audience Rating
Image 1 16:20 Jeremy Jaffacake Scemametrics 101 [1] 3.75
Image 2 17:03 Defecating Daffodil I Am Contractually Obliged to Deliver this Bloody Ballad [2] 4.25
Image 3 18:30 Jeremy Jaffacake Winning Eleven [3] 3
Image 4 14:33 Odger Lee The Comet and the Bumblebee [4] 3.25
Image 5 12:41 Defecating Daffodil The Torch and the Idiot [5] 4