1st Summer Olympics

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Games of the I Olympiad
Host city Casari Ashford
Participating NOCs 37
Opening ceremony July 23, 2006
Closing ceremony August 22, 2006

The Games of the I Olympiad were an international multi-sport event celebrated in Ashford, Casari, a city located on the Silver Coast adjacent to the Nemyan Strait. Held under the auspices of the NationStates Olympic Committee, it was the first successfully-completed summer edition of the Olympic Games.

While several attempts at holding the (summer) Olympics had been made over the years, the immense amount of resources and work needed to hosting them had until this point caused worthy tries such as Kaza 08 held in Kaze Progressa to be left incomplete, or fail to even successfully begin. For more information on these and other abortive attempts to found the Olympic Games, see the main Olympics article. The eventual success of the Olympics in Ashford could reasonably be attributed to the experience of Casari in hosting a similar multi-sport event, the Ylompic Games, and the precedent set by the success of the 1st Winter Olympics in Aeropag, UCS.

The tiny nation of San Adriano, which sent only two athletes to the Olympics, celebrated a remarkable accomplishment early on when swimmer Sabrina Vannucci won a gold medal in the women's 200 metre freestyle. On the final day of the Olympics, Qazox women's soccer player Risa Klyn was killed when a compatriot, who had missed out on the Olympics when Qazox opted not to send a gymnastics team, opened fire on the Qazox team as they received their gold medals during the medal ceremony. A potential political controversy also occurred at the end of the Games when Ariddian runner Aey Mendez applied to immigrate to Casari instead of returning to Ariddia.

Host selection[edit]

A total of 18 bids were made, most consisting of little more than an expression of interest in hosting the Games. From these applicants, the Olympic Upper Council nominated four bids to advance to candidacy status. The Bedistani bid was withdrawn prior to the final vote of all Olympic Council members, which awarded the Olympics to Ashford.

One notable bid was the ultimately unsuccessful regional bid from the International Democratic Union, which proposed to hold events in 18 different cities across the region, spearheaded by the Olympic committees of Malabra and Antrium. A base Olympic Village would have been sited in the regional capital, the Free Land of the IDU. Although a two-nation bid did ultimately succeed in hosting the 10th Summer Olympics, as of the 14th cycle no bid of similar scope has since been attempted.

City Country (NOC) Votes
Ashford  Casari 9
18 cities International Democratic Union region 3
Timiocato Flag of None.svg Pacitalia 0
Sonoma City  Bedistan withdrew
Not nominated
Balkan City Flag of None.svg Asgarnieu
Sjoftich Flag of None.svg Cantr
Purpletripe Flag of None.svg Eonopolis
Karniz Flag of None.svg Ekoz
Viola Flag of None.svg The Earthsea Islands
Icecold Flag of None.svg LA Ice
Boston  Maineiacs
Moravia Flag of None.svg The Moravian Counties
Honimishu Flag of None.svg Psychotic Psychos
Leetreal Flag of None.svg Nation of Quebec
not specified Flag of None.svg Remotstad
Nemnenait Flag of None.svg Sel Appa
not specified Flag of None.svg The Marxist State
Ajer Flag of None.svg Yafor 2

Medal tally[edit]

# NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Bedistan (BDS) 21 27 27 75
2 Template:Country data Dorian and Sonya (DOS) 19 28 28 75
3  Andossa Se Mitrin Vega (AMV) 18 15 21 54
4 Flag of None.svg Hendrick4824 (HEN) 17 20 19 56
5  Schiavonia (SCV) 15 15 17 47
6  Casari (CAS) 15 14 22 51
7 Flag of None.svg Milchama (MIL) 16 13 16 45
8  Ariddia (ARI) 13 9 7 29
9  New Montreal States (NMS) 12 4 13 29
10  The Weegies (WEE) 11 13 5 29

Participating NOCs[edit]

  • Allanea
  • Andossa Se Mitrin Vega
  • Antrium
  • The Archregimancy
  • Ariddia
  • Baranxtu
  • Bazalonia
  • Bears Armed
  • Bedistan
  • Bostopia
  • Carvalo
  • Casari
  • Ceorana
  • Chicanada
  • Crna Gora Liv Eng
  • Dorian and Sonya
  • GarfieldtheFat
  • Hendrick4824
  • Jeffgordonville
  • Liverpool England
  • Magnus Valerius
  • Malbara
  • Mikitivity
  • Milchama
  • New Montreal States
  • Nouvelle Angleterre
  • Qazox
  • Quakmybush
  • Ropa-Topia
  • Rorysville
  • San Adriano
  • Schiavonia
  • South Antrium
  • Starblaydia
  • United Island Empires
  • Virginia Nova
  • The Weegies
  • Wentland


There were two main divergences from the programme of the real-life 2004 Summer Olympics: rugby sevens and one-day international cricket were held as medal events. With the convention and later formal rules limiting medal events to those with the same status at the real-life Olympics, rugby sevens would not be a medal event again until the 11th Summer Olympics, and cricket has not been played as a medal event again.

Furthermore, flatwater canoeing was not held, and there were only three weight classes in judo and taekwondo, and four weight classes in boxing and weightlifting.


The Ashford City Stadium was constructed for the 1st Summer Olympics and hosted the opening ceremonies, which were incredible and stirring.