Brendan Deguela

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Brendan Deguela was a midfielder on the Zwangzug national football team in World Cup 37 through World Cup 42. Domestically, he played for Chelmar FC and IYC Ajer of Yafor 2.

A strong all-around athlete with good field coverage, Deguela played baseball through his first two years of college, then discovered foosball. He was part of the generation that became "bandwagon" fans during Zwangzug's World Cup 36 semifinal run and stuck with it, being recruited by coach Doodlypants Mcgimpy. Deguela's skills would be praised by Dancougarite pundits during World Cup 41. He scored six goals during his national team career.

Off the field, he was related to Carlito Digüella, a contemporary midfielder for Deportivo Peralta in Aguazul. He was also close friends with domestic teammate Pierre Sebard; they would become brothers-in-law when Sebard married Brendan's sister Audrey. They were in turn the parents of Sara, Mia, Tara, Rae, Audrey Jr., and Austin Sebard-Deguela.