Burnaby SC

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Burnaby SC
Burnaby SC logo.png
Full nameBurnaby Sport Club
GroundStadium Konoha, Burnaby
Ground Capacity60,200
ManagerSeth Harrison
LeagueKFL Championship

Burnaby Sport Club is a professional football club playing in the Kelssek Football League, based in the city of Burnaby. It has won the most national championships of any club in Kelssek, with 14 titles. It was also the first Kelssek club to achieve a double by winning the 65th KFL Championship and 14th Patriotes Cup in the same season.

It plays its home matches at Stadium Konoha in downtown Burnaby, which is shared with the Burnaby Lions rugby club and owned by the Burnaby municipal government. The club is also known for having the oldest and most well-established academy system in Kelssek football, and benefits from being able to recruit from the region in Kelssek where football is the most popular.

During the UICA centennial, Burnaby SC was named Kelssek's "club of the century" as the most successful team from Kelssek in international club competitions to that date. This honour gives the club its nickname, the Centurions. Burnaby was the first and only Kelssek team to reach the Globe Cup group stage; only after the demise of UICA did other Kelssek clubs manage to match this achievement.

Burnaby has two main rivalries. It plays a local derby against Coquitlam United, known as the Battle of Burnaby. Burnaby's other rivalry is variously known as the East vs. West or Lake vs. Coast rivalry against Kirkenes FC, which is often characterized as a contest between Burnaby's free-spirited mountain culture against the old Eastern eastern establishment.

Although primarily known for its football team, Burnaby SC is a multi-sport club which also has amateur rugby union, water polo, handball, basketball, and volleyball teams.


International competitions record[edit]

Only the group stage onwards is counted
Competition Round Opposition Home Away Aggregate
Globe Cup 24 Group J
Medoria Löwen logo.svg Medoria Löwen (COM) 1-3 0-5 4th
Emberton-Reds-logo.png Emberton Reds (KRY) 3-4 0-2
Unknown club logo.svg Atlético Central (CAF) 1-0 1-4
Globe Cup 36 Group I
Unknown club logo.svg CR Submiria (CAF) 2-2 1-2 4th
22x18px Kagoshima Phoenix (COM) 1-1 1-2
Unknown club logo.svg Mountbatten Junction (LLF) 1-2 1-1
Globe Cup 40 Group G
Unknown club logo.svg Kiirana City (VIL) 0-2 0-2 4th
Unknown club logo.svg Pentref-ar-y-Bae (AEL) 0-1 0-2
Unknown club logo.svg FC Atlantis (WRL) 4-4 2-2
Challengers Cup 4 Group G
Unknown club logo.svg X Island Marauders (TAE) 2-2 1-1 2nd
Tanrisal logo.png Tanrısal (PAS) 3-0 1-0
Marinos Metropolis logo.png Marinos Metropolis (VLD) 1-3 2-1
Round of 32 Crisisbless logo.png Crisisbless (NPH) 0-3 2-1 2-4
Challengers Cup 6 Group J
Template:UICA association ZRH 3-1 2-0 2nd
Unknown club logo.svg Walston Brook Albion (EFL) 3-3 2-3
Tropicorp FC logo.png Tropicorp FC (TUR) 3-0 1-1
Round of 32 Unknown club logo.svg Freeport United (FPT) 3-2 3-1 6-3
Round of 16 Unknown club logo.svg Rülândéá Kôstä (FFD) 2-1 1-3 3-4


Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under World Cup Committee eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-WCC nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Kelssek GK Bernard Despatie
41 Kelssek DF Pietro Salinas
2 Kelssek DF Simon Boulechemin
41 Savojarna DF Olaf Haabjörn
23 Kelssek DF/MF Nacuémiró Buené
26 Kelssek DF Ingrid Lambert
3 Ethane DF Ashleigh Coles
6 Kelssek DF/MF Keith Leung
30 Kelssek DF Ciaran Black
7 Kelssek MF Kari Zücker (captain)
19 Kelssek MF Jason McGwire
11 Kelssek MF Nicole Birch
8 Kelssek MF Tanner Malvin
10 Kelssek MF Giuseppe Ascioli
No. Position Player
14 Tioguldós MF Tios Pórmel Mufes
12 Kelssek MF Josh Wallin
15 Squornshelan Remnant States MF Maiev Feidhlim
18 Kita-Hinode MF Turok van Halen
21 Kelssek MF Markus Oyvind
19 Squornshelan Remnant States MF Ikra Yonte
9 Kelssek FW Aaron Karushige
13 Kelssek FW Samir Petrovic
36 Ko-oren FW Timothy Sapping
29 Valanora FW Andreas Bjerk

Notable former players[edit]

  • Thamior Liadon
  • Phillip Lozic