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Esportivan Football Confederation
Formation2009 (Original ordinary calendar)
TypeSports organization
HeadquartersNo permanent headquarters
Region servedEsportiva
MembershipVaries; 40+
Official languageEnglish
Co-PresidentsBob Lefun ( South Newlandia)
Robert Frost ( Grearia)

The Esportivan Football Confederation, or CONESPIO (Confederazione Esportivano di Calcio) is the regional governing body of football in Esportiva. It is one of the three big regional football confederations, alongside the Confederación Rushmori de Fútbol and the Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football. CONESPIO is responsible for the organisation and governance of Esportivan football's major international tournaments, including the Campionato Esportiva and the Campionato Esportivano di Campeones. Membership is open to all footballing associations within Esportiva. It is the smallest of the Big Three football confederations, with just over 40 members.

CONESPIO teams have won three World Cups (Kita-Hinode two and Brenecia one), and five Cups of Harmony (Newmanistan three, San José Guayabal and Kita-Hinode one).

CONESPIO operates using a co-Presidency, with two member associations who have been voted for by their fellow associations each nominating a President. As of the current IFCF Cycle, the co-Presidents are Bob Lefun of South Newlandia and Robert Frost of Grearia, who jointly exercise the powers of the Presidency.


Main article: Campionato Esportiva and Campionato Esportivano di Campeones


The main competition for national teams is the Campionato Esportiva. As of 2021 (Original ordinary calendar), twenty-nine editions have been completed, with the most recent champions being Hampton Island. Nephara and Brenecia are the most successful countries in this competition, winning five titles each.


The main competition for club teams is the Campionato Esportivano di Campeones. As of 2021 (Original ordinary calendar), thirty-two editions have been completed, with the most recent champions being Walstreim Lions of South Newlandia. Kingsgrove of Brenecia are the most successful club, having won the competition five times. Uniquely to the Big Three confederations, it is the only one to allow more than one club into their regional football championship, allowing two clubs per association.


Nations are free to enter and exit as they wish; however, entering the most recent edition of the World Cup as a member of the region, Campionato Esportiva or sending a club team to the Campionato Esportivano di Campeones qualifies that nation for a membership spot. All member associations are entitled to vote for two associations to assume the Presidency; the two nominated associations are then able to nominate an individual for the post of co-President. There is no defined term for the Presidency, though their role is mostly administrative; a new one is elected whenever the previous one resigns to fill in the spot.

List of members[edit]

List of CONESPIO members
Trigramme Association
CCU  Copper Cuprum
DKI  Damukuni
ERS  Eristicea
ESD  Esportivan Darmen
FID  Filindostan
FHU  Fhulghamous Peninsula
GGY  Gergary
GRU  Grearia
NOV  Nova Anglicana
SHR Sahuarita
SLL  Super-Llamaland
SNL  South Newlandia
SYL  Sylestone
TLI  The Licentian Isles
TMB  Tumbra
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