Champions' League Twenty20

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Champions' League Twenty20
Champions' League Twenty20 logo
Organising bodyCricket Damukuni
Founded2013; 8 years ago (2013);  Liventia
Number of teamsvaries
Current championsYeaddin Bears
( Vilita/ Turori) (1st title)
Most successful team(s)none
Current: 10th Champions League Twenty20

The Champions' League Twenty20 is the premier domestic champions' league for the Twenty20 format of cricket in the multiverse. Begun by the Liventian Cricketing Board of Authority, it was originally cancelled after the second edition. It was later championed by the Board of Control for Cricket in Damukuni (now Cricket Damukuni) after a long hiatus, who started the numbering at the third edition, with the second edition declared as not held.

Ten teams from six cricket associations (Barunia, Darmen, Eastfield Lodge, the Glorious Commune, Lisander/Alice Bay, and Vilita/Turori) have been crowned champions, and four other associations (Damukuni, Eura, the Hinodejin Empire/Kita-Hinode, and Northern Sunrise Islands) have made appearances in the final with no title. Of these, Barunia have made the most successful appearances in a final (two championships out of three appearances). Darmen tie Barunia in most appearances, but with only one successful bid for the championship. As of the tenth edition, no team has ever won the championship more than once.