Damukuni Football Association

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Damukuni Football Association
Founded2014 (as the Board of Control for Cricket in Damukuni)
PresidentWilliam Koichi Hamada
Vice-PresidentParvo Nuanca

The Damukuni Football Association, commonly known as the Damukuni FA, is the governing body of association football in Damukuni. Governing the sport in all 21 Damukunian states, it is one of the few football associations in Esportiva to govern association football outside of its native region.

The Board of Directors of the Damukuni FA consists of the 68 owners of the teams in The Champions Football, The Challengers, and The Masters; the chairpeople, presidents, and vice presidents of each of the state football associations; one non-voting seat to the Nominal Chair of Football Operations for the Damukunian Capital, which is usually occupied by the President of the United States of Damukuni; and, for every four members, a representative from the Damukuni Football League Players' Association, for a total of 159 members.