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The Federação de Futebol Independente (FFI) is the governing body that organizes domestic football club competitions for associations not affiliated with Atlantian Oceania, Rushmore, or Esportiva.


Liga dos Vencedores[edit]

The Liga dos Vencedores (League of Victors) is the top-level competition. Each association may enter the top two clubs from their top tier of competition. The event consists of preliminary rounds if necessary, leading into a group stage of 32 teams, followed by a home-and-away knockout bracket culminating in a single-leg final on neutral ground. The third-placed teams from the group stage advance to the round of sixteen in the Taça das Confederações.

LdV results
Edition Winner Score Runner-up Final location
1 Poafmersia Bikarish 1-1 (3-1 pen) Abanhfleft Wanda Island Wanderers Estadio Nacional, HUElavia
2 Abanhfleft Arsenal de Releinthi 3-0 Zwangzug Bassabook Old Boys Nykanalstadion, Keiserholde, Fujai
3 Zwangzug Spenson Suburbia 2-0 The Sarian CF Bondstad Libira National Stadium, Fiskadaha, Poafmersia
4 Poafmersia Trimidau Rukiya 3-2 Squornshelan Remnant States FC Yassaca Inkopolis City Stadium, Inkopolis, Squidroidia
5 Squidroidia Calamari Wanderers CFC 0-0 (4-3 pen) Tequilo SC Pedregal Bridger Lane, Damogran, Squornshelan Remnant States

Taça das Confederações[edit]

The Taça das Confederações is the second-tier competition. Each association may enter one team which qualifies on sporting merit, such as the third-placed team of their league. The event consists of preliminary rounds if necessary, leading into a group stage of 16 teams and then a knockout stage. This event was previously known as the Copa das Confederações, but changed to avoid confusion with the IFCF Challengers Cup.

TdC results
Edition Winner Score Runner-up Final location
1 Unified Legandia Royal Standard AFC 2-0 Havynwilde Advernians The Dragonii Hippodrome, Dragonii City, Dragonii
2 Zwangzug Arlington City 2-0 The Sarian CF Bondstad Nordstadion, Bellymn, Havynwilde
3 Zwangzug Bassabook Old Boys 2-0 Squornshelan Remnant States Jaglan Royals Nykanalstadion, Keiserholde, Fujai
4 Zwangzug Sporting Esper 3-1 Zwangzug Bassabook Old Boys Stadion Hydro-Polnocna, Trzebiegoszcz, Terre Septentrionale
5 Zwangzug Arlington City 2-1 Zwangzug Sporting Esper Cheyenne Loop Tech Stadium, Cheyenne, Neo-Futurist Wyoming


The FFI competitions are administered by the associations of Reçueçn and Havynwilde. IFCF coefficients are used for seeding.

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