Jacques IX

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Jacques IX
King of Quebec and Shingoryeo
Reign12 March 2012 – 14 September 2043
Coronation26 August 2012
PredecessorHenri VIII
SuccessorChristine II
BornPrince Jacques of Abitibi
(1990-11-04)November 4, 1990
Palais Royale, Capitale-Nationale, Quebec and Shingoryeo
Died14 September 2043 (age 53)
Wick Castle, Acadie, Quebec and Shingoryeo
Burial21 September 2043
Imperial Vault, Sandringham Abbey
(m. 2019; died 2043)
Moon-Ik Jacques Henri Jeong
FatherHenri VIII
MotherNathalie Blais-Ginzbourg
ReligionMahāyāna Buddhism

Jacques IX (Moon-Ik Jacques Henri; 4 November 1990 - 14 September 2053) was the King of the Kingdom and the Domnions of Quebec and Shingoryeo, the Head of the Quebecois of the Commonwealth, from 12 March 2012 until his death in September 2043.

Known by his family and close friends as 'Jock' and 'Jake', Jacques IX was born in the earlier years of his grandfather Sylvain's reign, and was named Jacques after Jacques VII, Quebecois Prince and First Sea Lord in the Arlenian Era. As the young grandson of Sylvain IV, Jacques IX spent much of his childhood and youth years not expecting to inherit throne for several decades, and enjoyed a relatively lax-free life. He attended Lakeland College as a teenager before studying at St. Croix, and also served in the Royal Quebecois Navy during his gap year after high school graduation. In 2009, he was made the Duke of Bongohdong following the end of his yearlong course at the Royal Naval Academy in Halifax, Acadie.