Kalenda Group

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Kalenda Group
Native name
Kalenda Grupe
FounderGeorge Kalenda, Sr.
Revenue$11 billion
OwnerKalenda family
Number of employees
SubsidiariesKalenda Oil
Kalenda Energy
Kalenda Convenience
Kalenda Air & Land
Kalenda Maritime Systems
Johnho, Rogerton & South Coast Rail Road
Kalenda Dock Company
The Southern Times
South Shores Hotels
South Shores Resort & Country Club
Kalenda Sports & Entertainment

Kalenda Group is a Darmeni conglomerate headquartered in Rogerton. The group traces its lineage to 1927, when its founder, George Kalenda, Sr. founded Kalenda Oil. Since then, the group of companies owned by George Kalenda, Sr.'s descendants has grown and now holds an important place in both the Southeast regional economy and the Darmeni national economy.