Latrobe Athletic

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Latrobe Athletic
Latrobe AFC logo.png
Full nameLatrobe Athletic and Football Club
GroundMacquarie Docklands, Latrobe
Ground Capacity55,800
ManagerNephara Warner Dranz
LeagueKFL Championship

Latrobe Athletic and Football Club is a professional multi-sports club known primarily for its rugby union and football teams, which both play in Kelssek's highest leagues, the Rugby Superleague and Kelssek Football League, respectively. Known for most of its history as Latrobe AFC, the club made the controversial decision to go by "Latrobe Athletic" in 145 FE.

Both the rugby and football team have provincial rivalries with Clayquot-based teams. The rugby section has contested the People's Cup challenge trophy against the Clayquot Reds for over 150 years. The football section's version of this rivalry is against Clayquot City.

Latrobe Athletic is the first Kelssek sports club to have reached an international final, losing in the 35th Rugby Union Challenge Trophy to the Torino Terriers of Neu Engollon. It was also the first Kelssek team to reach an international club football final, losing to FC Yassaca in Challengers Cup 6.



Rugby union[edit]

  • Rugby Union Challenge Trophy
    • Finalist: 35
  • Rugby Superleague: 17

International competitions record[edit]


Only the main phase of the competitions are shown below.
Competition Round Opposition Home Away Aggregate
Globe Cup 41 Group B
Unknown club logo.svg Mardi Lopunnies (NSI) 1-1 2-2 4th
Unknown club logo.svg Ciudad Soluca (SRG) 1-1 0-2
22x18px Kaje Football (UGO) 3-0 1-2
Globe Cup 42 Group G
Astograth University SC logo.png Astograth University (ASG) 2-2 0-2 4th
Iturributa United logo.png Iturributa United (ITB) 1-3 3-2
Rolalas FC logo.png Rolalas FC (VAL) 1-0 2-4
Cygnus Cup 43 1st round Colonial Sile logo.png Colonial Sile (VIL) 1-2 0-3 1-5
Challengers Cup 6 Group E
Rene Skae logo.png René Skaé (FFD) 0-1 2-0 2nd
Template:UICA association FVA 0-2 1-4
Sporting Iturributa logo.png Sporting Iturributa (ASG) 4-2 4-1
Round of 32 Unknown club logo.svg Rosenpfelblatz City (AFT) 1-1 3-2 4-3
Round of 16 Unknown club logo.svg Admiral Storevik (STL) 2-1 3-2 (aet) 5-3
Quarterfinal Template:UICA association ZRH 0-1 1-0 1-1 (pen.)
Semifinal Unknown club logo.svg Rülândéá Kôstä (FFD) 1-1 5-2 6-3
Final Unknown club logo.svg FC Yassaca (SRS) 0-3 (N)

Rugby union[edit]

Competition Round Opposition Home Away Aggregate
RUCT 35 Group C
Neu Engollon Albertville Ibex 6-10 20-11 1st
Hannasea Pearl City Icelandic 9-3 18-6
Kayangan Rujahan Riflemen 24-0 17-0
Intermediate round Kayangan Kiambang Cobra 10-3 20-13 30-16
Quarterfinal Darmen Rogerton Blues 10-3 7-10 17-13
Semifinal Darmen Coastal Golden Chiefs 27-17 17-21 44-38
Final Neu Engollon Torino Terrors 0-24 (N)
RUCT 36 Group B
Ko-oren Aubury Swans 7-23 10-21 4th
Quintessence of Dust Tourseilles 0-10 7-20
Kriegiersien Schoenwetter Academy 10-15 10-10


Current football squad[edit]

Notable former players[edit]

  • Ruslan Demetriev - Kelssek captain, currently playing for Workers Union (Eura) and formerly Honeybadgers.