Natalie Instonenext

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Natalie Instonenext was a defender for the Zwangzug national football team in World Cups 37-41. Domestically, she played for Port of Clotaire of Candelaria And Marquez.

In season XXVII, she was named defender of the season in the CMSC, succeeding her Clotaire teammate Tom Redway and emerging as a studious tactician as well as a vocal leader in the clubhouse. (This included texting Redway to confirm his whereabouts during an excursion involving a gnome, one of many supernatural adventures censored from the human-centric Candelariasian press.) At the national team level, however, she was much quieter, plagued by insecurities about whether she deserved to speak out, and easily distracted by the tiresome job of being a Zwangzug center-back.

Instonenext became Clotaire's captain in season XXVIII; in just her second game, she scored a first-minute goal against Castillo FC. She would record two other goals in her domestic career, and was the club's fans' player of the season in both seasons XXVII and XXVIII.