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Omerican Professional Soccer League Cup
Country Omerica
Number of teams64
Current championsEver Grande
(OPSL 8)
Most championshipsMalavan Romainbourg
(2 titles)
TV partnersCiel Sports
Current: OPSL season 8

The Omerican Professional Soccer League Cup (French: Coupe de la Ligue omericaine du soccer professionnel), formerly known as the OPSL Challenge Cup, is an annual knockout competition involving professional Omerican association football clubs. Organised by and named after the Omerican Professional Soccer League, participation in the competition is open to member clubs of its four divisions, which equates to those in the top four levels of the Omerican football league system.

The winners of the OPSL Cup receive a berth to the IFCF Challengers Cup unless they have qualified for the Champions League via league finish. Ever Grande are the current titleholders, defeating Malavan Romainbourg 1–0 in the season 8 final.


The competition is contested as a straight knockout cup tournament, with teams eliminated from the tournament after a single loss. All participating clubs enter the competition in the first round; all clubs, regardless of division, must therefore win six games to win the tournament. With the exception of the final, each tie is played over a single leg at one of the two teams' home ground with no replays; drawn matches proceed directly to extra time, followed by a penalty shoot-out if the tie remains level.

In contrast to the Federation Cup, which draws each round only after the previous has been played, the OPSL Cup uses a fixed bracket which is set by a draw before the commencement of the tournament. Within each of the four divisions, each club is drawn a "seed" number from 1 to 16, with four clubs (one from each of the four divisions) having each number. In the first round, Fourth Division clubs host Premier Division clubs with the same "seed" number, while Third Division clubs host Second Division clubs with the same number; in the second round, clubs with the same number play each other, with the club in the lower division hosting the match. From the third round on, a standard sixteen-team seeded bracket is used without reseeding.

The final match traditionally takes place at the midpoint of the league season. This match is the only one to be played at a neutral ground, selected by the Omerican Professional Soccer League administration after the completion of the quarterfinals.


Edition Winners Score Runners-up Venue
1 Sassari Trailblazers logo.png
Sassari Trailblazers
2–0 United Philibiscostal logo.png
United Philibiscostal
RS Amphitheatre, Port-des-Saints
2 Malavan Romainbourg logo.png
Malavan Romainbourg
4–1 40x32px
Nassau FC
Stade Rue de la Victoire, Éternare
3 Saint Anne Athletic logo.png
Saint Anne Athletic
2–0 Malavan Romainbourg logo.png
Malavan Romainbourg
Stephen Reading Memorial Stadium, Christiana
4 Season abandoned; final not contested
5 Londonderry FC logo.png
Londonderry FC
1–0 Ever Grande logo.png
Ever Grande
Seafoam Athletic Park, Saint Anne
6 Andreaskruis logo.png
2–1 40x32px
Nassau FC
Stade Just-Cartier, Charlescourt
7 Malavan Romainbourg logo.png
Malavan Romainbourg
3–1 aet AS Républicains logo.png
AS Républicains
Stade Just-Cartier, Charlescourt
7 Ever Grande logo.png
Ever Grande
1–0 Malavan Romainbourg logo.png
Malavan Romainbourg
Stadium of Great Arden, Lisbon