Ogechi Guttuso

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Ogechukwukama "Ogechi" Guttuso was a defensive midfielder for the Zwangzug national football team during Eagles Cup 6, which Zwangzug won. Domestically, she played for the Bassabook Old Boys and was part of the team that went undefeated in season 16, before reaching the Champions' Cup 64 final.

Guttuso was born in Ossidiacqua, but her family fled the country's second timewall crisis when she was young. Many Rushmori nations opened their doors to Acquan migrants, but the Guttusos migrated farther afield; despite the capital's relative hostility to timewall-centric events, they found welcome in Beldere District, near Nuel. There, Guttuso met a young native Zwangzugian named Olivia Idoni, who would turn out to be an impressive midfield partner all the way to the national team.

Bassabook surged from eighth place in season 14 to win the title the next year, with Guttuso and Idoni at the heart of their midfield. The following season, they went undefeated, which is still without equal in 1./ history. While winning a third title in the ensuing season, they made it to the final of Champions' Cup 64, but lost to Starling, who had had quite a title campaign of their own in Nephara.

Although Zwangzug's national team was not competing at WCC level, they got invited to the Eagles Club, and Guttuso became a starter. Though usually taciturn about her childhood, she proved a leader in the clubhouse, able to motivate teammates old and new. She scored a goal in the quarterfinal against Chromatika, and, in the final against Osarius, she would assist Idoni on the winner in extra time. While the timing of her career did not allow her to participate in WCC-sanctioned tournaments, she remains a historic figure in the 1./ and a witness to the diversity of the national team.