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Olivia Idoni was an attacking midfielder for the Zwangzug national football team during Eagles Cup 6, which Zwangzug won. Domestically, she played for the Bassabook Old Boys and was part of the team that went undefeated in season 16, before reaching the Champions' Cup 64 final.

Idoni grew up in a religiously conservative "first-generation" city near Nuel, in Beldere District. Despite her family's lack of technological connectivity, her worldview broadened when refugees from the second Ossidiacqua crisis moved there, finding Beldere's culture much more welcoming than some of the larger cities. One of those, Ogechi Guttuso, would turn out to be a phenomenal midfield partner with Idoni, from the playground to the national team.

The irony of having two "young girls" at the heart of the Bassabook midfield was not lost on fans or pundits, but the Old Boys would surge from eighth to first place in season 15, followed by an undefeated 16th campaign; this achievement remains unique in 1./ history. The following season, they would not only win another title, but become the first Zwangzug side to make it to the final of the Champions' Cup, where they fell to the narratively-gifted Starling side of Nephara.

Though Zwangzug's national team had yet to return to World Cup competition after World Cup 69, they were nevertheless invited to the sixth Eagles Cup. Idoni would be named a starter, and despite the long histories of the teams Zwangzug matched up against, they more than held their own. In extra time of the final against Osarius, Idoni scored the winning goal on--what else--a Guttuso pass, one of three goals she notched overall in the campaign.

Olivia's brother, Tim, was a member of the Arlington Collective. While the timing of her career did not allow her to participate in WCC-sanctioned tournaments, she remains a historic figure in the 1./.