Patricia Eliot

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Patricia Eliot was a defensive midfielder for the Zwangzug national football team. She was the only player to be a typical starter for the entirety of the "second era," World Cup 64 through 69. She played for Canbix Muses and Matthew City Rangers domestically. After cycle 80, she was selected to the World Cup Hall of Fame.

Eliot became known as a pugnacious player early on, picking up her first yellow card in the new team's second match, against Petrus Mamilius of Saintland. With Zwangzug's defensive approach not always matching up to more experienced teams, a running joke would be "does any individual have more goals than Eliot has yellow cards?" Yet domestically, she would thrive with Canbix; the Muses were the dominant side at the founding of the 1./, winning the league's first three titles.

During the World Cup 66 cycle, Eliot transferred to the Matthew City Rangers, becoming one of the first foreigners to play in the Northern Sunrise Islands league. (Her compatriot Joan Gerland would become a crosstown rival with the Matthew City Senators.) Though the Rangers were sometimes overshadowed by their rivals near and far, Eliot's induction into the Hall of Fame was seen in some quarters as a way of returning them to the spotlight. She scored three goals during her career for the national team.