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Peter Vanderpent was a forward on the Zwangzug national football team in World Cups 37-41. Domestically, he played for Albrecht FC in Candelaria And Marquez.

Vanderpent was one of the leading players of the "bandwagon" generation that followed Zwangzug's unexpected WC36 semifinal run; many of his fellow young starters would join him in the up-and-coming CMSC. A gifted spatial thinker, he was usually aware of the correct position to be in and almost as frequently able to get there. In season XXVI, he scored 17 goals, second only to his compatriot and crosstown rival Gary Maini. He would come second in the Players' Player of the Season and Foreigner of the Season votes, hailed for both his positioning and his ability to unify the "Scorpions" clubhouse. The following season, he would weather criticism of his weight, perhaps spurred by the celebrated kebabs of Albrecht; his 16 goals would be joint-third in the league. Though mostly content to let his results speak for him, he could occasionally be seen trying to calm tensions at the national team level as well.

In season XXVIII, Vanderpent was the subject of some controversy in the early days of the Champions' Cup; against United Trilan of Kura-Pelland, he appeared to wear fake plastic pointy ears in an effort to distract Kilu Shu of Valanora. His league form would continue unabated, with a hat trick against KT Hotspur on Matchday 15, and then four goals against Highland Park of Acapais. In the 92nd minute of the final matchday, he scored his eighteenth goal of the season to tie for the golden boot. Vanderpent was second in the Sportswriters' Player and Forward of the Season ballots, both to Careca of Marquez-Onwere.

Season XXIX would be Vanderpent's last as a professional. His sixteen goals were second in the league, and he was second in the Foreigner of the Season category to Espy va Drake. He was also acclaimed as the Forward and Sportswriters' Player of the Season; despite Albrecht's disappointing second half, he continued to win favor from the pundits.

Vanderpent scored 61 goals for the national team. After his playing career, he is believed to have attempted to start his own kebab store in Zwischen, but the capital's difficult geography (and/or the somewhat-surreal "tappers" phenomena) made it poorly-trafficked. His replica kits continued to be popular among the youth of Albrecht.