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Phillip Stings was a forward on the Zwangzug national football team from World Cups 33-40. Domestically, he played for IYC Uharan of Yafor 2.

Stings hailed from the eastern FTC, which during Zwangzug's early years in the international scene was known for its relative levels of crime almost as much as its impenetrable dialect. His lower-class background (by socialist standards, anyway) may have influenced his tendency for physical, relentless play; more positively, he was gifted with lots of speed. He benefited from the assists (and possibly off-field affection, but that storyline never really went anywhere) of Yul Maughum, a fellow east FTC-based forward who was significantly more slow-footed and well-off.

Upon his transfer to IYC Uharan, he reverted to his foul-heavy ways. Aging and declining in speed, he was benched from the starting XI in World Cup 39. The first matchday of the proper, however, would see him dazzle as a substitute; with The Holy Empire leading 2-1, he came on and scored two goals in the final ten minutes to secure a 3-2 win for Zwangzug. The performance was hailed in Guillermo B. Yeatses' "Towards the Final Whistle." Having matured enough to foul slightly less often, Stings returned to the starting lineup for World Cup 40, finishing his international career with 83 goals.