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The Quebec Series (퀘벡시리즈) is the annual championship series in the Quebecois Baseball Organisation (QBO), the top professional baseball league in Quebec and Shingoryeo, which has been contested since 1968 between the postseason-winning clubs of the QBO's two circuits, the Imperial League and the Royal League. The series is contested in a Best of Seven series, with the winner being awarded the Henri VII Trophy. While commonly associated with autumn, it is often played into early or even mid-November, with the Game 7 being held two weeks prior to the World Baseball Classic on every other year.

Prior to the Quebecois Baseball Organisation's split into two leagues in year 1982, the Quebecois Baseball Organisation used to have an unique playoff system, where the first-place team was given a spot to the Quebec Series following the end of regular season. The other spot of the Quebec Series was then determined by a ladder-styled playoff, where the third and fourth placed team would face each other in a single-game qualifying game. The winner would then face the second-place team in the five-game Playoff Series, with the respective winner qualifying to the Quebec Series.

In the post-1982 changes, both leagues have conducted a league divisional series (ILDS and RLDS) between the second and the third-placed sides, as well as a league championship series between the league pennant race winner and the divisional series winner to determine which teams will advance. Since 2013, the divisional series have once again expanded, this time incorporating all four teams on both leagues to face each other before their respective championship series. Since 2013, the Quebec Series format has also changed from 2-3-2 format to 2-2-1-1-1 format.

The Quebec Series has been contested 79 times following the 2047 Quebec Series, with the IL winning [insert] times and the RL winning [insert] times.

List of winners[edit]

IL Imperial League
RL Royal League
MVP Quebec Series Most Valuable Player Award
Manager Championship Manager
Year Winning Team Losing Team Series MVP MAN
1968 Saguenay Lions (1st, 1-0) Saint John Green Sox (2nd, 0-1) 4–1 Marcel Platt Kim Deok-Joo
1969 Saguenay Lions (2nd, 2-0) Halifax Giants (1st, 0-1) 4–0 Jeong Se-Gyeong Kim Deok-Joo
1970 California City Dodgers (1st, 1-0) Montreal Expos (1st, 0-1) 4–2 Ashley DiVincenzo Casey Sertbas
1971 Montreal Expos (1st, 1-1) Saguenay Lions (3rd, 2-1) 4–3 Louis Vereschagin Alain-Michel McCaffrey
1972 California City Dodgers (2nd, 2-0) Montreal Expos (1st, 0-1) 4–0 Marcello Arrado Casey Sertbas
1973 Kingston Tigers (1st, 1-0) Saguenay Lions (4th, 2-2) 4–2 Kim Sook-Gyeong William Becker
1974 Quebec Bears (1st, 1-0) Manitoba Rangers (1st, 0-1) 4–2 Nathalie Lafreniere-Parker Munenori Akihiro
1975 California City Dodgers (3rd, 3-0) Quebec Bears (2nd, 1-1) 4–3 Ashley DiVincenzo Casey Sertbas
1976 Saguenay Lions (1st, 3-2) California City Dodgers (3rd, 3-1) 4–3 Jaco Schoeman Yeo Myeong-Joo
1977 Saguenay Lions (6th, 4-2) Manitoba Rangers (2nd, 0-2) 4–2 Mairead Ryu Yeo Myeong-Joo
1978 Saguenay Lions (3rd, 5-2) California City Dodgers (1st, 3-2) 4–1 Jeong Se-Gyeong Yeo Myeong-Joo
1979 Halifax Giants (3rd, 1-1) Saguenay Lions (1st, 5-3) 4–3 Choe Hyeong-Weon Kang Chang-Soon
1980 California City Dodgers (1st, 4-2) Abitibi Hawks (2nd, 0-1) 4–3 Ian Sowi'Ngwa Casey Sertbas
1981 Quebec Bears (3rd, 2-1) Halifax Giants (1st, 1-2) 4–3 Gardar Larusson Lester Monahan Sr.
1982 California City Dodgers (Imperial-1st, 5-2) Quebec Bears (Royal-2nd, 2-2) 4–3 Joel Eady Casey Sertbas
1983 Kingston Tigers (Royal-1st, 2-0) California City Dodgers (Imperial-1st, 5-3) 4–2 Hamish Soh Kim Mong-Ryong
1984 Halifax Giants (Royal-3rd, 2-2) Kingston Blue Jays (Imperial-2nd, 0-1) 4–3 Choe Hyeong-Woon Kang Chang-Soon