Quebec and Shingoryeo

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Quebec and Shingoryeo

Quebec and Shingoryeo
Anthem: 'Ode to Thee, My Quebec'

Royal anthem: 'Hymn to the Shingoryeo'
CapitalQuebec City
Official languagesEnglish, French, Korean
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Christine II
• Prime Minister
Arsene Pineau Kim
House of Lords
House of Commons
• Founding of the Quebecois State
21 September 1504
• Royal Constitution
14 July 1757
• Total
5,472,072 km2 (2,112,779 sq mi)
• 2046 estimate
• 2046 census
Time zoneAOTC +0 (Manitoba province, Western half of Ontario province)
+1 (Most of Quebec)
+2(Newfoundland and Labrador provinces)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+ 61
Internet TLD.qc

Quebec and Shingoryeo, officially the Kingdom of Quebec and Shingoryeo, is a country in the Terranea continent of Northwestern Atlantian Oceania, consisting of 14 provinces and two federal territories. Due to its geographical location, it identifies itself as a nation of both Calania and Northwestern AO. The Kingdom borders Semarland to the Southeast, South Detroit to the South and Huayramarca to the Southwest, and also faces Salmantic Sea to the West, Xile Sea to the East, and Commonwealth Sea to the Northeast. As the seat of the former Quebecois Empire and the current Quebecois Commonwealth, Quebec has stood as a major power in Atlantian Oceania.




Government and Politics[edit]



The Quebecois culture has been influenced and highly characterised by its unique status over the course of history that includes: the nation's duality in both the Northwest and Calania; its history and status as a maritime-based nation and a major military power; as well as being a nation of coexistence and the understanding between Indigenous peoples and the settlers, which have contributed to the hybrid of cultures in its traditions, ethnic makeups, and customs. Due to the Quebecois Empire and consequently the Commonwealth as the mediatory power, the Quebecois influence has been one of key factors that kept the union and cooperation going within the Quebecosphere. The synergy of this, all in all, has contributed to Quebec's status as a cultural powerhouse.

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