Roger Hammers

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Roger Hammers was a midfielder on the Zwangzug national football team from Baptism of Fire 25 (pre-World Cup 33) through World Cup 37. Domestically, he played for Seojang.

Hammers hailed from the western FTC. He was usually in the center of the midfield right-left as well as forward-back, which was difficult in the 3-4-3 formation that Zwangzug first played. Such movement away from the center eventually forced him to admit that he had as many unique quirks as anybody else (perfect pitch, for one), because if he was truly average, that would be exceptionally strange. (It made sense that late at night.) He would, however, thrive in the center of the midfield "X" once the national team adopted that formation. He was the first foreigner to score a hat trick in the Daehanjeiguk league.

In the World Cup 37 semifinal, Zwangzug and Demot went to a penalty shootout. Hammers would assist his longtime midfield comrade, Jacob Barons, on an insightful "sing really loudly and distract your opponents" strategy. The fact that one penalty was indeed missed is still a celebrated moral victory in Zwangzug's sporting history.