Rohit Sharma

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Rohit Sharma was a forward on the Zwangzug national football team from World Cup 40 through 42. Domestically, he played for Namiri Forest and Chelmar FC.

Namiri Forest were and are a club as proud of their unrelenting defensive style as of their environmentalism, which is to say, extremely proud. They traditionally play a (1)-6-3-1, with Sharma the lone striker up front. The adjustment to the international scene (to say nothing of Zwangzug's eccentricties) took some time, though many identity-politics conscious journalists cut him some slack, not wanting to offend the team's first ethnically Namirite player. (Many others would follow in his cleats, both in the short and long term.)

After his first cycle, Sharma would transfer to Yafor 2, which shared both a cultural history and a penchant for defense with the Namiri region. In Chelmar he broke several scoring records. After the season's first "triad" he was second in the LIDYT with 13 goals. In four games in a tour of the Cafundelense league, he scored two hat-tricks, and added another such performance against Uharan FC in the league.

Sharma was similarly prolific on the international level, recording a hat-trick against Dancougar in the World Cup 41 group stage, and another against the Golden Wolves in the second round of World Cup 42. He finished his international career with 35 goals.