Royal Walton Hall

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Royal Walton Hall
Royal Walton Hall.jpeg
Royal Walton Hall from Avenue-Catherine-III
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General information
TypeConcert Hall
Location3rd arrondissement
Town or cityQuebec City
CountryQuebec and Shingoryeo
Construction started1858
Inaugurated20 April 1863
Renovated1954-1956, 2001-2006, 2047-49
ClientRoyal Walton Hall Committee
OwnerRoyal Arsenal Concert Hall Corporation
Height46 metres
Design and construction
ArchitectMatthieu Woodmansey and Kim Chan-Hyeong
Architecture firmImperial Engineering
Main contractorAsselin and Co.
Other information
Public transit accessMetro- Adelphi-Williams (Line 1), Catherine-III (Line 3&6), Le-pere-Richard (Line 4&5)

The Royal Walton Hall (commonly known as Walton) is a concert hall on the 3rd arrondissement of Quebec City, Quebec and Shingoryeo, located directly south of Adelphi Square and Avenue-Catherine-III. Widely considered to be one of the most memorable and distinctive buildings of the Arlenian era and the Quebecois State, it is placed under a national trust and is managed by a Royal Corporation. Its closest metro stations are Adelphi-Williams, Catherine-III and Le-pere-Richard.

The hall was opened by Queen Arlene in 1863, after a decade-long preparation and construction phases, and was named the Royal Walton Remembrance Hall in memory of the late Prince Consort, Prince Richard, Duke of Walton, who predeceased the hall's completion with his passing in year 1858. The connection to the Krytenian, whose passing had shocked the nation and left the country into a year-long mourning, continues into this day, with the key features under the Prince Consort's recommendations from the original blueprint remaining largely intact. Directly south of the hall, one is able to view the Duke of Walton's statue looking into the Adelphi Square.

Over the course of the hall's history, countless of leading musicians and ensembles of various genres and from all across the Multiverse have appeared on the stage. Annually, it is home to over 300 performances held at the Main Hall, which include the Midsummernight's Dances, the annual summer promenades concert that has been hosted here since 1924, as well as musical concerts, theatrical performances, film and media screenings and various charity and community events.