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Steven Ruck was a midfielder for the Zwangzug national football team in World Cups 33-41. Domestically, he played for IYC Ajer and Cardarel FC of Yafor 2, and go on to have a coaching career there.

Ruck was the youngest child of a large family, and his birth parents divorced when he was a year old. He would adopt the surname of his mother's second husband, Isaac Ruck, who he always considered his father figure. This contributed to the awkwardness of his relationship with his older brother, Ulysses Stael, who was a teammate of his for the national team's first two cycles.

In World Cup 39, Ruck was surprised to be named the captain upon the retirement of Jacob Barons; his longevity of service and willingness to not rock the boat while letting the team's oddball "tacticians" do their own thing surely played into this. He scored four goals for the national team.

He coached IYC Kaharan of Yafor 2 for one season, during which they finished an astonishing third, with excellent performances from their midfield in particular. He would be further astonished to be approached as the midfield coach for the Golden Wolves.