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United Provences of Xanneria

Motto: Move Forward
Map of Xanneria - Hand Drawn
CapitalDominica City
Official languagesEnglish official at federal level.
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesNative Catalanic (Catalan Islands), Native Augonnic (Augonny), Anclarian ((East Anclaire and West Anclaire))
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
• Commandant
Sage Davidson
• Discovered
• Colonized
• Independence
• 2030 estimate
• 2025 census
CurrencyRoundell (Rs)
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+166
Internet TLD.xan


 Xanneria, officially The United Provences of Xanneria, and sometimes shorterned to The UPX or Xan is a large continental, nation located in the remote northwest corner of Template:Region and is run by a Commendant named Sage Davidson. The countries capital is Dominica City and the countries motto is Move Forward. Xanneria is known for its natural reasources, its large agrarian sector and its transportation industry.


Very little is known about Xanneria's history. What is known is that nation was colonized by Tonissia. The colonization of Xanneria was first brought about in the 16th century, by the explorer Dominic Anneria, for whom the name Xanneria is derived from. The name itself coming from a corruption on an early map of Xanneria as the name was intended to be "Anneria" after its discoverer. Similarly Dominica City was named after Dominic Anneria. Roughly 200 years after the nations discovery and colonization the nation peacefully gained its independence and became a major trading partner of Tonissia. But towards the beginning of the 20th century things fell apart. Tonissia became over rune by a dictator and who had gone mad with power after a failed mining colony and cut off all trade to the Xannerians. Thinking this would cripple the Xannerians and make them turn to Tonissia again under puppetesque circumstances. When Tonissia collapsed in the late 1970s, in a haze of suspicious circumstances (Rumors are that the country nuked itself into oblivion,) Xanneria came out of the ashes and the 50 decades since a string of strong leaders were able to de-isolate the nation from its hiding and build it into the power it is today.

Geography and Topography[edit]


The four biggest sports leagues in Xanneria are the Football League of Xanneria (Football/Soccer), Big League Baseball (Baseball) Xannerian Gridiron League (American Football), and the Xannerian Championship Auto Racing (Car Racing) with Basketball XBA and Hockey HAX being known as cult like sports in Xanneria.